Staircase Spindles
Choose from our wide selection of handmade wooden staircase spindles.  Different styles of spindles are available such as Stop Ovalo Spindles, Stop Chamfer Spindles, Teesdale Spindles, Swaledale Spindles, Richmond Spindles, Weardale Spindles, Keating Spindles, Teesdale Fluted Spindles, Teesdale Twist Spindles.  All wooden spindles come in a variety of sizes ranging from 28mm thick to 41mm thick.  You can also choose from a selection of materials including Ash, Oak, Pine, Sapele Hemlock and other materials are available on request.

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Stop Ovalo Spindles

Weardale Spindles Keaton Spindles

Teesdale Spindles Teesdale Fluted Spindles

to illustrations

Swalesale Spindles 41mm Swaledale Spindles



C - stop ovalo 1100mm
Q - stop chamfer 1100mm



C - stop ovalo 1100
D - Teesdale 895mm
- Swaledale 895mm

H - Richmond 1100mm
- stop chamfer 1100mm



A - Weardale 1100mm
B - Keating 1100mm
E - Teesdale Fluted 1100mm
G - Swaledale 1100mm

J - Richmond 1100mm
K - square turned 1100mm
L - Teesdale Twist 895mm
- Teesdale 895mm
N - Teesdale 1100mm
O - stop chamfer 1100mm


Richmond Spindles Richmond Spindles 41mm

Stop Chamfer Spindles 41mm

Teesdale Spindles 41mm Teesdale Spindles 41 x 1100mm

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