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How to Navigate a Virtual Tour          
With the iPIX® Java Viewer 3.3 Lite, you can navigate and view an iPIX® immersive images in two ways:
  • Click and drag your mouse on the image, or
  • Use your keyboard's arrow keys.

To use the Zoom feature:

  • Zoom in by pressing the "+" key.
  • Zoom out by pressing the "-" key.

Click here for detailed iPIX immersive image navigation instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    What is the iPIX Java Viewer 3.3 Lite and how do I navigate within an iPIX immersive image?

The iPIX Java Viewer 3.3 Lite is an applet written in Java programming language that permits the viewing and navigation of iPIX immersive images. iPIX immersive images are uniquely interactive images by iPIX that allow you to experience motion and navigation in up to a 360° x 360° field of view. iPIX Java Viewer 3.3 Lite lets you fully explore these images by providing intuitive ways to navigate and zoom within each image.

There are two ways to navigate an iPIX immersive image using the iPIX Java Viewer 3.3 Lite:
  • Click and drag your mouse on the image, or
  • Use your keyboard's arrow keys.

To use the Zoom feature:

  • Zoom in by pressing the "+" key.
  • Zoom out by pressing the "-" key.

Click here for more detailed navigation instructions.

Q:  How does the iPIX Java Viewer 3.3 Lite display iPIX immersive images?

A:  The iPIX Java Viewer 3.3 Lite is downloaded to your computer whenever you request an iPIX immersive image from a Web page that contains the applet. Once downloaded, iPIX Java Viewer 3.3 Lite receives and displays the iPIX immersive image that you have requested. When the image displays, it automatically rotates or "spins" within the viewer. You can always stop this automated movement and navigate the image manually using the methods described earlier.

Q:  Which browsers do you recommend for Windows users?

A:  If you are using Windows 95, 98, or NT, you must use either Internet Explorer version 4.01 SP2 to 5.x or Netscape version 4.04 to 6.0. If your browser is not Java-enabled, you won't see the iPIX immersive image. You can download the latest version of Netscape from www.netscape.com, or Internet Explorer from www.microsoft.com.

Q:  What browser and operating system do I need to view iPIX immersive images on my Macintosh computer?

A:  iPIX recommends using Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2 to 5.0 on a Macintosh running OS 8.x to 9.x with Apple Macintosh Runtime for Java (MRJ) version 2.0 or later. Updating the Apple MRJ can dramatically improve your browser's performance. You can download the latest Apple MRJ from Apple's Web site, www.apple.com. The Preferred Memory Size for Internet Explorer should be raised to 15-20 Mbytes.

Q:  Are there any Web browsers and operating system that will not display iPIX immersive images on my Macintosh computer?

  Internet Explorer versions prior to 3.0 will not display iPIX immersive images on any Macs with systems prior to OS 8.1 or Apple Macintosh Runtime for Java (MRJ) prior to version 2.0.

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Handmade Timber Staircases

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  Staircases Middlesbrough
  Staircases Stockton
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Sample Projects

Photos and Virtual Tours


Photos Only

  Factory Production
       Insight in to handmade staircases (Virtual Tour)
  Staircases Darlington
       Beech Staircases Darlington (Photos and virtual tour)
  Staircases Darras
 Modern Swept Staircases Darras (Photos & Virtual Tour)
  Staircases Purley
       Details to follow. Staircases Purley (Photos and Virtual Tour)
  Staircases Martonside
       Details to follow. Staircases Martonside (Photos and Virtual Tour)
  Staircases Risborough
       Details to follow. Staircases Risborough (Photos and Virtual Tour)
  Staircases Saltburn
       Details to follow. Staircases Saltburn (Photos & Virtual Tour)
  Staircases Cobham

    Details to follow. Staircases Cobham (Virtual Tour)
  Staircases Stanmore

       Traditional Staircases Stanmore (Photos & Virtual Tour)
Staircases Denham

       Details to follow. Staircases Denham (Photos & Virtual Tour)
  Staircases Chalfont
       An Ash Cut String Staircase Chalfont (Photos & Virtual Tour)

Staircases Middlesbrough

  Staircases Knaresborough
       A Modern, Beech, Spiral Staircases Knaresborough (Photos)
  Staircases Durham
       For a Hotel Refurbishment Cut String Staircase Durham (Photos)
  Staircases Highgate
       Details To Follow. Staircases Highgate North West London (Photos)
  Staircases Fairfield
       Ash, Curved and Cut String Staircases Fairfield (Photos)
  Staircases Washington
       The Classic Mahogany, Curved and Cut String Staircase Washington (Photos)
  Staircases Kirkby
       Purpose made, Cut String Staircases Kirby (Photos)
  Staircases Piercebridge
       Traditional Mahogany Staircases Piercebridge (Photos)
  Staircases Richmond
       Mahogany, Cut String Stair Staircases Richmond North Yorkshire (Photos)
  Staircases Wynyard
       Oak Cut String Staircases Wynyard County Durham (Photos)
  Staircases Ingleby
       Standard Staircases Ingleby (Photos)
  Staircases Leconfield
      Contemporary Design Staircases Leconfield (Photos)
Staircases Dibdale
  Please check again soon. Staircases Dibdale (Photos)
  Staircases Picton
       Oak Cut String Staircases County Durham (Photos)
  Staircases Allans West
       Details to follow. Staircases Allans West (Photos)

Wooden Staircases
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